Resin Traps(Strainer)

Resin Traps(Strainer)


The wedge wire element in a Resin Trap/ Strainer is normally a slot tube, but can also be a cylinder. A Resin Trap / Strainer is normally closed on one side and has a flange on the other. They can be made for flow-in-to-out (FITO) or flow-out-to-in (FOTI) filtration.


A Resin Trap / Strainer normally serves to retain particles in a process flow. The quantity of particles is normally very low, so that cleaning can be done during flow interruption.


A resin trap is normally used:

to capture expensive resin that escapes from a treatment vessel by accident

to protect equipment further downstream

A strainer is often used in tubes to block unwanted particles or dirt that would otherwise damage downstream equipment. Cleaning is carried out by removing the strainer from the tube.


very precise slots for perfect particle retention combined with minimum obstruction of the process flow.

flexibility in design.

strong construction (self supporting).

large open area.

plug-resistant slot design.

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